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And the 3rd Look.... Amanda!

    The Last of The Brides Maids...
    Not a blood relative, but she may as well be! 
    Their Mom's are BFF's (they even look alike), grew up in each others homes and they share all of the same childhood memories!! 
    She's known as the honourary sister!
    She's a beautiful girl with a flawless smile, who general goes simple - less is more kind of girl!

    ... but her make-up for the day screamed GLAMOUR and her jewelry did too! 
    So I figured, WHY NOT - let's to a Hollywood inspired Oscar-esque style!
    I was warned that Amanda's hair doesn't hold a curl so well, so I figured lets play it safe and pin it ALL back, while still keeping it romantic and feminine.
    My inspiration:
    I put a DEEP side part in Amanda's hair and curled with my 1" barrel (Medium in the Amika Set). Used my infamous concoction of Osis products to produce volume, texture and HOLD. 
    Glamour Queen . Dust It . Elastic . Freeze . Sessions
    Here's how it turned out!
    The Trick:
    Make a LOOSE pony tail with all of the curled hair from the ears back - leaving the front sections of your hair loose! 
    With bobby pins, secure the pony tail into a loose and messy bun! 
    Starting on one side pull small sections of the loose hair from the front - towards the bun and secure into place with bobby pins!
    Continue pinning on both sides... there's no RIGHT or WRONG here, just pin in a visually pleasing way!

    Check in Next week to see how we achieved the Bride's Princess inspired "Look!"

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