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My "Look" for the wedding!

    I don't think I mentioned to all of you, the disaster that I had with my dress for Lauren's Wedding... but oh was it a disaster!
    I had purchased this amazing dress (that I felt great in) at BCBG in Florida, while I was there in December.
    It was a simple, but romantic, black gown. Being the 5 foot little person that I am, I knew I would have to have it hemmed. As the date started to creep closer and closer, I realized how nervous I was about having the dress hemmed because I don't know a reliable place here in Toronto. 
    So I figured I would called the closest BCBG to me (Young and Bloor) and ask where they refer their clients to, for alterations. 
    The manager of BCBG gave me the name and address to a place that she highly recommends and sends ALL of her clients to. So I felt like I couldn't go wrong...
    You see where this is going, don't you?
    Long story short, I had the dress pinned, and it looked amazing, but when I went to pick it up a week later...
    I was shocked to find a butchered dress! 
    With 2 weeks until the wedding, and me being the pickiest shopper EVER, I started to panic and it took EVERYTHING in my power not to cry, scream, and yell!
    The guy at the alterations place told me there was nothing he could do to fix it and then stared at me blankly!
    Luckily Lauren was there and spoke up! She asked "So, are you going to pay to replace the dress?"
    He chuckled and said, "No!"
    It was then that I ponied up and asked to speak with his manager. I got her on the phone and was told by her to go back to BCBG and buy a new dress, once I had the new dress I was supposed to bring the receipt back to them and they would send it off to head office, and she says "MAYBE, you MIGHT, be reimbursed for the new dress." 
    MAYBE and MIGHT weren't good enough for me, these dresses are PRICEY!
    So Lauren and I went over to BCBG to look at the dresses and see if there was even anything I liked! Lauren suggested that the first thing we do, is speak to the BCBG manager and tell her what the situation was!
    She was SOOOOOOOO sweet and apologetic! In the end she decided to let me scavenge the store with 2 sales associates at my disposal to find a NEW dress with LITTLE time to spare - she told me "Not to worry about a thing" and that she would deal with ALL of it!
    At the time I didn't know what this meant, but I let the sales people walk me around the store, and help me with sizes. Unfortunately there wasn't much left! It was prom season, as well as bridal season. There were only 4 floor length dresses for me to choose from and sizing was definitely and issue! 
    The one I liked MOST was only available in a size 0 or a size 14, Eeeeks!
    I got the size 0 on, *with the help of Lauren and 2 sales ladies, but it was on, and decided I would take it and just loose a little bit of weight (in 2 weeks!)
    I went to the check out to see what the manager really meant by "NOT TO WORRY ABOUT A THING," and was pleasantly surprised to find that she REALLY meant that!
    I walked out of BCBG with a new dress, and didn't even spend a penny!!!
    I have to say, I wasn't in love with the new dress the way I was with my origonal, but it would do and I was thankful for the amazing staff of BCBG!
    I was careful with what I ate from that point until the wedding and was sure to work out as much as I could, because I didn't want to look like a sausage in my dress!
    Of course the night before the wedding, I lost all of my will-power because of stress and ate a tub of ice-cream! Oh silly me!
    Okay, so the focus of the day was obviously the BRIDE and her family, I was at their home in Newmarket, early in the morning to make them pretty and knew that there would probably be NO time for me to Doll up!
    The night before I curled my hair, and the morning of, before heading to Newmarket I did my make-up!
    Here's how it turned out!

    Oh Amika and Osis, How I love you - I can do my hair the night before - sleep - and still look half decent! What would I do without you?

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