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    Over the last 3 months we have introduced you to,
    The Lift Beauty Girls
    A mobile division of Lift Beauty Boutique!
    The response to our mobile services for Weddings, Special Occasions & Private Shopping Parties has been so fabulous that we have decided on some
    Here's the Breaking news!
    Dun. Dun. Dun....
    Lift Beauty Boutique as you know it, will only be around until Aug 28th!
    So visit us at 114 Cumberland while you can!
    Myself, Lauren, Brianne and Mel would love to see you one last time, for a cut, colour or high-lights 'cause after the 28th of August the
    Lift Beauty Girls 
    wont be offering those services! 
    Call for your final hair dressing appointment !
    * * *
    Yorkville has treated us well, with amazing clients & a great reputation - not only for being a premier salon but MAINLY for being one of Toronto's BEST in Special Occasion Services & Private Shopping Parties in; 
    Make-up, Hair, Nails & Accessories. 
    Although we will never fully say GOODBYE to the lovely Yorkville, we will say "See you Soon," as we will be passing in and out while visiting YOUR homes with Lift Beauty Girls - MOBILE
    Visit back on Tuesday for information on what the 
    Lift Beauty Girls 
    have to offer YOU!

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