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Our Long time, dedicated Kelly!

    Kelly Kelly Kelly, Our lovely client who has followed us from one location to another, introduced us to the AMAZING Melissa Joy and kept us in the loop of her exciting life - invited us to be a part of her BIG DAY!!!
    That's right, she's been a part of our world for the past 5 years, and we have been a part of hers!
    I remember the first time I heard about Sam, and now it was time for The Lift Beauty Girls to prep Kelly and her Crew for  
    It was an early wake up on a Friday for Lauren and I, but we were happy to do it for our long time client, Kelly!

    Kelly and her BridesMaids spent the night at the U of T Women's Club, and asked that we meet them there to help them get ready on what was sure to be one of the most memorable days of Kelly's life!
    Lauren and I packed up everything we would need, grabbed a few shots of espresso at Starbucks and ventured over to start our work!

    The Ladies were up and excited about the day ahead and were all totally sweeties! 
    The Bride and BridesMaids chose our "Picture Perfect" Package
    Which includes the following:
    A Hair Styling (From Dry) and Pinning & A full Make-up Application

    Complimentary: A Free Nail Polish Application, Styling and Make-up tips and tricks & a FREE Mini Lift Cosmetics' Lip Gloss of your choice *Great for touch ups!
    Price: $85 p/p 
     Note Kelly Being her hilarious self, posing for a shot of her touching up with her 
    Mini Lift Cosmetics Lip Gloss!
    So it's clear that I'm not so talented with a camera and that my 6 year old little cam just doesn't cut it anymore... but I did my best with capturing the day while keeping my focus on beautifying the ladies!
    Come back on Tuesday to see more pics, and to learn of yet another couple of perk to having the Lift Beauty Girls there on YOUR wedding day!

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