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Hush, Hush.

    "Out of our minds and out of time, wishing I could be with you, and to share the view. We could've fallen in love." - McFly Falling In Love

    We sat there in the dark,
    listening to each other breathe,
    waiting to leave.

    Your fingers tangled with mine,
    holding me tightly.
    It was a warm, silent night.

    Leaning against you,
    we were both hesitant,
    but the need was too strong.
    Any longer, and we'd both go insane.

    You leaned in,
    your face growing closer to mine,
    so slowly.

    Soon, our lips touched,
    but barely,ever so lightly.
    I could feel your lips tremble against mine,
    usure if this should happen,
    but knowing it couldn't be stopped.

    A small jerk back,
    a quick glance in the eye,
    and finally, you leaned in,
    and our lips meshed together.

    One solid kiss,
    it was over as soon as it began.

    The others arrived,
    we smiled slyly at each other.
    Our own little secret.

    I can still feel your lips against mine,
    so soft and shy.
    I can still feel your breath against my cheek,
    warm and sweet.

    I glance at where your hand once held mine,
    my fingers cold at your absence.

    A once in a life-time fulfillment,
    never to happen again.

    It's my own little secret.

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