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Perks of having the Lift Beauty Girls WITH you on your Wedding day!

    The Lift Beauty Girls Offer more than just Hair, Make-up and Nails.....

    Kelly's wedding was our first client event where our bridal accessories were available and they were a HIT!
    The Lift Beauty Girls are now carrying Stunning Bridal Accessories
    *So if you need a little extra sparkle, we've got you covered!
    Hair Pins
    Hair Bands

    We would like to say thanks to Kelly and her Beautiful Bridesmaids for allowing us to be a part of your day! You ladies are amazing....

    Kelly experienced yet another perk of having the Lift Beauty Girls around!
    Kelly purchased her Stunning Gown from Elmwood Brides, where OUR AMAZING LAUREN used to work as a Bridal Consultant...
    *The way a dress is placed on the body, and done up - makes the world of difference in flattery and fit!
    Kelly had expert, Lauren dress her for the big day - what an amazing PERK!
    People pay lotsa $$$ for that service!

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