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Off Topic!

    So, this is totally off topic but at the same time, totally not... bare with me!

    The Lift Beauty Girls, are all about looking good and FEELING good!
    I always tell my clients, family and friends that if you can look in the mirror and feel confident in yourself than everything in life will be much easier... and I honestly believe that! 
    I encourage everyone I know to take control of their life, by learning how to make themselves happy, health, and confident!
    I know it sounds totally vain but the truth is, if you aren't happy with that you see staring back at you in the mirror than it's hard to put your best foot forward!
    Obviously what's inside it MOST important, but I'm willing to admit that it's hard for me to show people how GREAT I really am on the inside if I'm not confident with my outer appearance! I know I'm not alone here...
     Now onto what's troubling me...
    The Lift Beauty Girls have the hair, make-up, nails and accessories covered but I haven't been feeling my best... It seems, EVERYTHING I eat it causes horrible, stabbing stomach pains!
    I went to see my doctor and he suggested (based on my family history) that I cut Gluten and Lactose from my diet.
    Honestly I thought I was having a bad dream when I heard those words...
    For those of you who don't know me, I'm the pickiest eater to grace the planet - my mother often refers to me as having the pallet of a 7 year old! I could live off of plain pasta, bread and ice-cream for the rest of my life and be completely content - sad I know...but you can see how my Doctor's suggestion made me cringe.

    Despite my lack of enthusiasm 4.5 weeks ago I went cold turkey - no more of my favourite foods!
    Have any of you cut all of the good things in life out of your diet?? I need help here!
    I'm totally confused. It seems like all I'm eating are veggies and chicken, and once in a while some rice or potatoes. I even go without food all together some times, simply because it's hard to find something I CAN eat when I'm on the go - and some how I've gained 5lbs! Is this normal?? It can't be normal, I have cut out all of the starchy/fattening, FABULOUS food that I used to eat - out of my diet! Someone please explain this to me, PLEASE!! 
    Normal Diet
    + 5lbs???
    (How does this make sense?)
    Will the weight gain continue?
    You'd think I would be feeling better, but honestly I'm so perplexed that I can't even tell whether I'm feeling better or not!
    Oh and even when I think I'm eating totally gluten free, I'm NOT! Who knew there's wheat in pretty much EVERYTHING - Soya Sauce, tofu, salad dressings etc.
    So, in short - my confidence has dropped because 5lbs on 5' me, is totally noticeable, and NONE of my clothes fit properly!

    Here's my plea - We help you with at home tips and tricks for hair and make-up, SOMEONE please help me with my food issues...

    Thanks in advance from a desperate Lift Beauty Girl, Xo

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