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Pant Sizes.

    We're told to love ourselves, but how can we when we're lied to, and told we're not good enough?
    So, this is a rant, really. But an important one. 

    I was out shopping today, and went to Target. After getting my storage containers, I decided to go look at the pants and see if by the grace of God they had any in my size. What I found was that about 99% of the pants were skinny jeans. First off, I hate skinny jeans. I'm thin, and I have hips, so they're a bit uncomfortable and crammed at the top. Plus I hate seeing the tops of my feet/shoes. Makes my feet look really big, and I don't like how it frames your legs to go from fat thigh to skinny calves. It just looks unproportional to me. Also, the pockets are too small. They're always like that for girls jeans, the pockets barely pass your finger length. 

    Once I found the small corner, literally maybe two rows on a shelf of two brands of regular boot-cut flare (by this I mean two rows of maybe 6ft long, with all of the sizes on them), I dug around and tried to find my size.

    Now, I don't know when this happened, but they started to make the sizes weirder and more complicated to comprehend and figure out which fits you. Rather than the original "size 7" or "size 9" or whatever you are on the tag and label of the jeans, it's now in a different language of "size 7L" or "size 9R". I looked all over the tags, and found no definition of "L" or "R". So I went with the L, since the R was way curvier than I'd ever be and awkwardly shaped to my eye.
    And I skipped my merrily way to the fitting rooms, happy I found a pair of cute jeans.

    And then it begins.
    I take off my current SIZE SEVEN jeans, and tug and do that attractive pant-dance to get these on. I thought it took a bit more effort since I just ate a burger, so no biggy. So once they were on, I went to button them up. 

    They wouldn't button.
    I couldn't even get the button near the goddang HOLE. I squeezed and sucked it in as much as I could, no dice. Since I was just IN a pair of jeans of the same size (when I bought them they were indeed a "7L", so I just go with what I remember when buying things), I assumed they just put the jeans on the wrong hanger, happens all the time, almost bought a size 0 jeans on a size 7 hanger once (yes, they looked THAT much alike). But when I looked at the tag, they added yet another code to their fashion lingo.

    "size 7L, fit 6"

    'Scuse me, but, huh? Does this make any sense to you? Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but does this mean "this is actually a size 6, but we're gonna say it's for girls who wear a size 7, just to make them feel FAT and then go on a diet and lose more weight so they can be the skinny girls with no curves and CONFORM DAMNIT" ?? It seems so, because those pants would not go on even if I gave them the worlds greatest blow job. I am nearly 100% sure that there's something fishy going on with the people who size these things. Like some sort of anorexic ninja that invades all the fashion designers shops and takes out 2 inches of stuffing from the practice mannequins every 6 months. 
    You can yell at me all you want to say I gained weight. But I did not. My other size 7's ALL FIT WONDERFULLY.

    I honestly think that fashion designers are slowly taking off an inch of the material, and labeling it the same so that girls will have to buy bigger, and feel as if they need to lose weight. It's already been proven that for guys jeans, makers such as Gap and others are adding on at least 2-4 inches in the material, but labeling it smaller than it is. (I'd give the video, but Yahoo! is being stupid and deletes all of it's shit after a day or something, thanks Yahoo). 

    Then there's that "love who you are" thing going around, saying you should be yourself, be happy with yourself and your body, being too skinny isn't good, it's nice to have curves! And all that jazz, but then they all go and fuck with the pant sizes, which make me, 115lb and 5'6" Angela, feel very, very fat.

    Anyway, this is really starting to piss me off. Pants were already hard to find for my body in the first place, and now I'm stuck with like 4 pairs of jeans, and I never have all of them in the same place (I stay at my grandmothers a lot, and my mom's place... we'll just say things get lost very easily). I'd rant more, but now I'm tired and annoyed at Yahoo for not having the video anymore.

    Stupid Yahoo. 

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