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Back In Black

    For those of you who want to keep up to date with Fall Fashion – follow the 5 shades of Fall…

    Learn simple tips and tricks on how to incorporate small flares that make a big statement to your look!

    It’s impossible NOT to include BLACK in our five shades of fall…

    Black is every girl’s go to when it comes to clothing, but now we can get away with black polish, make-up and accessories without people wondering if we’re mourning, Wiccan or Goth!

    Black Out ($6.00) by Orly was one of our Fall Polish Picks as well. It’s perfect on it’s own or under a sheer red, gold, purple or blue polish! Black out is easy to apply because of it’s rich and opaque consistency! Don’t be offended if your Grandparents aren’t fans!

    Don’t be spooked by attempting a smokey eye! There’s a technique to flatter every eye shape, the Lift Beauty Girls can show you which is best for your eyes!

    If BLACK make-up and nails are a bit too extreme for you, try adding a little extra with a great hair accessory. This hair band ($22.00) is one of the Lift Beauty Girl’s favorites! Adds great texture, glamour and umph to what would be a boring or not so special hair style!

    *Like one or all of today’s tips, tricks or products? Have the Lift Beauty Girls join you AT HOME for the LIVE experience. Click HERE or call 416-960-5438 to find out how to have your home invaded but the Lift Beauty Girls!

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