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Why Was I Born?

    "When Life hands you lemons, make grape juice, sit back, and let Life figure out how the hell you did it." - Anonymous

    This post wasn't exactly intentional, but it relates a lot to my last post about Gay teen suicide. 
    Shane Dawson posted a video on teen suicide ( Link here : I LOVE YOU!!! (Suicide & Bullying) )
    and in the video, he annotated one of his older videos, "Why Was I Born?"
    This video is a small skit he did, showing that even if life is pretty bad or you think everyone hates you, there's that one person who still loves you and would hate to see you go, one person who would miss you more than anything, and one person you mean a lot to.

    In his video I linked above, he mentions that committing suicide is "selfish." At first, I disagreed with this. Most people who are thinking about suicide aren't or don't mean to only think of themselves. The way they see it, they're doing others a favor. But then I thought about it, and I guess Shane was right, it is kind of selfish to kill yourself, because what about the people who do care about you? By killing yourself, you're hurting them. When you're gone, those people, or even one person, is going to be devastated, and maybe they needed you just as much as you needed someone else. 

    I hope this video below, and the one linked, helps anyone that is thinking, has thought, or knows someone who might be thinking of suicide. Please share! Let them know that they mean something to you. And to those who think you have no one, you're wrong. They may not be a family member, or a "friend", maybe they're just someone who you're acquainted with, but it's still someone

    And just fyi, no, this video isn't a complete sob fest, if you know Shane at all, there's going to be some humor in it :) But overall, this video has a great message and I hope you share this!

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