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Celebrity DIY

    Wanna recreate the glamorous looks that celebs rock? Well with our Celebrity DIY we will give you the tips and tricks needed to get those super star looks!

    Katy Perry is all over the radio lately and even more so her face is all over the magazines.

    katy perry bold lip

    She has this amazing retro style that is played up in her makeup and with a few simple tricks you can pull of the same fresh fun makeup style.

    1. Start off with a clean even base by applying your foundation all over.

    2. BROWS are a must do with this retro look, lightly powder in your brows in a shade either one shade lighter for people with darker hair of one shade darker for you blonde ladies. Lift’s Toffee or Taupe ($15) make a great brow powder.

    3. Highlight and contour your eyes with soft tones such as Lift’s Vanilla Ice and Steel Mist ($15)

    4. LINER! To get that retro eye line map out the line first with a shadow like Lift’s Chocolate Brown Shadow ($15) then apply your liquid liner on top of that sweeping up at the outer edge of the eye.

    5. Finish off with some COLOUR sweep a warm coloured blush like Lifts Natural Glow ($16) and then dab your lipstick onto your lips with your finger tip! Try Lift’s Summer Solstice lipstick ($17.50) for a warm pop of colour.

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