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    "There's a drumming noise inside my head, that starts when you're around. I swear that you could hear it, it makes such an almighty sound. There's a drumming noise inside my head, that throws me to the ground. I swear that you should hear it, it makes such an almighty sound. Louder than sirens, louder than bells, sweeter than Heaven, and hotter than Hell." - Florence and the Machine Drumming Song

    Over the years I've noticed that rap music's reputation has gone down the crapper. It has been ripped to shreds, torn apart, and annihilated to it's bitter end.

    No one likes rap music anymore. R&B sure, but rap? Forget it. It's only about sex, money, skanks, jail and hoes. Rap music has no meaning behind it, no rapper actually puts thought into their lyrics, it's all the same thing with all the same beats.

    Most people will say all of that about today's rap, or last years rap, or the rap played 5 years ago, whenever. That it sucks, and always will and has no meaning.

    And if you think all of that about rap, then you're just ignorant. Honestly, whenever someone hears a rap song start on the radio or wherever, they roll their eyes, say "ugh!" and change the station. They automatically assume that what that artist has to say means nothing, and that it will be about sex, money, or hoes.

    If that's not ignorant, I don't know what is. But maybe if some of you would take a minute to listen (and decipher the artists probable terrible grammar) to what they have to say, you may just find out that rap music isn't all that bad, and yes, a lot does have meaning behind their lyrics. It may have been the same meaning as the last 10 rap songs, but same goes for every other genre.

    Sure it's not for some people, but really, it's gotten better.

    I don't really know why it's only rap music that has this reputation. There's a bunch of rock songs out there about sex and drugs (and if anyone is a true 60s-90s kid, you'd know this), hell most of the classics revolve around this! Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, AC/DC, some Guns N' Roses, RHCP, Ozzy Ozbourne, Greatfull Dead.. Hell, even The Beatles, they did drugs (who didn't in the 60s?)

    So why is it different than rap? Why don't people hate on rock as much as they do rap?

    I guess the other thing would be the "disrespectful to women," argument. Honestly, I've only heard about 5 songs where they were disrespectful to women, otherwise the only thing near "offensive" was saying "bitch" and talking about boobies.

    Who doesn't like boobies?!

    Also, any song that is offensive to women enough isn't played much past it's release date, so I still don't get the big deal.

    Rap is just as offensive as rock music, as pop music, or any other music. It just usually has some bad grammar.

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