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Black and White. (PIX)

    "I think God smokes weed, and he was high when he made me, and I think he gave up halfway." - Echo Movement I Think God Smokes Weed

    My aunt temporarily moved in today.
    She sold her apartment before she bought a new place.
    She also has 3 cats. I have 2. There's 5 cats in the house now.
    My uncle came over, again. He was here yesterday. We (him, grandma, and I) went to lunch.
    He's an awful man. Unless you're him, your opinion is stupid. It doesn't matter. He knows everything.
    And then he made me cry. And then he laughed at me for crying. Then when I asked if I could excuse myself from the booth, he said no and wouldn't budge his fat fucking ass. I have no idea how his wife puts up with him. Must be terrible. He puts everyone down. He loves the sound of his voice. He won't shut the fuck up, even if you nicely ask him to stop talking to you.
    My grandma made dinner. Out of the blue, she wanted us to eat at the table. Fuck the table, make him leave and then I'll eat at your motherfucking table that fits a person and a fucking half.

    Then she hugged me. I feel tainted. I swear she sucked out some of my soul. She eats youth, it's how she stays alive.

    I know I sound like a terrible person, but I don't think I could ever describe how evil she is.

    Here are some happy pictures.

    And I lied, they're not all black and white, just most.

    I think my most favorite thing on Earth, nature wise, are flowers. I've never seen an ugly flower, unless it was dead. It's amazing how many shapes and colors there are. 

    Edited, obviously.

    Cameo :)

    Mike took me to the beach, he made a rock tower. It fell shortly after this picture. x]

    Curiouser, and curiouser. 

    Feather :)

    My eye. Originally taken in all black and white (I tried to do an OG color splash with my camera, but I couldn't aim it correctly. As you can see, it worked on my glasses lol). So I did it on the computer, and sadly I couldn't add in the yellow around my pupil. Just imagine it there :) The blue is exactly the same though.

    Actually, I found an OG picture :) I love the yellow in my eye, and I didn't want to leave it out. :P

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