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What The Hell?!

    What a shitty past three hours!

    I went to bed last night, happy that it was Friday night and that I get to sleep in on Saturday, my only sleep in day.
    First, I wake up at 8 am to someone banging furiously on my window. I have no idea who it was. But it scared the shit out of me. I thought it was my mom banging on my window because I was late for school. (I stay at my grandmas, and she picks me up). But no, it's Saturday. No school.

    So I look out the window, see no one, go back to sleep very, very peeved.

    Then the shit hit the fan, all while I was sleeping. My wonderful uncle barges into my room yelling at me. I'm not sure why, and I'm confused. He says, "ANGELA WE NEED TO TALK." And I'm like, what the hell? We have to talk while I'm sleeping? Seriously?

    To spare you the next hour, this is what happened : he yelled at me that I'm disrespectful, and that if I disrespect anyone again, I get another warning. I have three. After the third, he'll do anything in his power to kick me out.

    I ask what the hell I did.

    He said it was irrelevant.

    WHAT. THE. FUCK. SERIOUSLY?! You're going to barge into my fucking room, insult me, tell me you're going to kick me out, and yet I'm not fucking allowed to know what I did?


    He said what I wrote on the note was out of line.

    What note?

    Again, that's irrelevant.

    NO, NO IT'S NOT. If you're going to yell at me for being bad, I deserve to know what the fuck I did!

    To spare the next dispute, he yelled, stood over me and yelled  more, asking me to repeat what he just said over and over and over and over. I keep repeating, if I disrespect anyone, you'll kick me out. He says NO. THAT'S NOT RIGHT. And yells at me again. This goes on for the next 20 minutes. He says, I JUST WANT TO TALK LIKE ADULTS. I say, then stop talking over me and tell me what I did wrong, since I deserve to know. But that didn't work, since he just yelled over me again. So in my hysteria and confusion, I call my mom. He says, I ALREADY TALKED TO YOUR MOM ABOUT THIS. And I thought, yeah right, she'd never agree to this. And guess what she said? She said she hasn't talked to him at all.

    What a fucking surprise. So she's worried as fuck trying to understand what I'm saying, and says she's going to come over ASAP. Jack leaves my room, FINALLY, and I get up, get dressed and go ask my grandma what the hell I did wrong.

    All she knows is that there's a note. She finally tells me what the note said.
    You're all going to piss yourself. I swear. This is what she said he said the note said. (saidsaidsaidsaidsaidsaid)

    Don't drink my fucking coffee.

    Yes, I'm telling the truth. I don't even drink coffee. I have five boxes of tea that I occasionally drink. I don't drink regular coffee. Frapps sure, but not plain coffee.

    How ridiculous is this?! Then Jack leaves right before my mother comes over. Coward. My mom says that he wouldn't tell her what the "note" said, either, and that what it said was completely irrelevant, when, DUH, it's not.

    After that lovely chat, I sign on to Facebook, and I have 2 messages from my blogger friends (in the Coffee Shop), and they tell me that my account is gone.

    WONDERFUL!! Seriously.

    So I come on here, and verify my account, and now all my blog and posts and followers and comments and followed blogs are back. Yay!

    But I'm still blocked from the Coffee Shop, I have no idea why. It'd be really nice and considerate if the Google Gods would tell me what I actually did wrong, instead of you have violated the terms of service. 

    But it only says my account has been blocked, so I guess (and hope) that that's a good thing and that I'll be back. I was the only Level 14 there (female, Legacy is the other) and I don't want to have to regain all of that! ><

    Fuck today. And it's not even fucking FOUR PM YET.

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