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    At least I can post now, though. Had issues yesterday.

    Just a small rant.

    Things that waiters do that annoy the living crap out of me.

    1. Refilling my glass when we're about to leave. Just...why? Now I'm obligated to drink it so it doesn't go to waste.

    2. Refilling my glass when I take two sips. This is just unnecessary. Please stop refilling my drink unless it's over halfway gone. Or at least ask if we want more.

    3. Interrupting conversation just to say the food is almost done. When the place is packed or we're in a rush, this is okay. Not when we've been there for 10 minutes and are the only people in there.

    4. Asking if I need anything when my mouth is full. This is just rude. It seems to be a waiters ultimate talent. I know you've got other customers, so go play with them for a few minutes. Don't ask me a question as soon as I've shoved a burger into my face.

    5. Giving uneven amounts of bread or biscuits. The OCD in me kills me every time with this. There are two people, you give them three slices of bread. There are three people, you give them five slices of bread. WHY?!

    And what's with people who talk on their cellphones in restaurants? Did your mother never teach you manners? I mean, it's common sense. C'mon!

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