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Pealing off the Layers!

     It's Friday... here's a tip for you...

    As much as we are all starting to get SUPER excited about the weather warming up, it would be totally dishonest of me to say that I wasn't slightly worried!

    This weekend I started putting away some of my winter clothes and brought out my Spring and Summer wardrobe, I needed to assess what I had, what I need to purchase to update my look and see if I could fit into all of it!

    I have been hiding under over-sized sweaters and scarves for the past 4 months. Here's the problem: I have a tendency of putting 5-7lbs on between the months of October and February, EVERY YEAR. Girls, I know it isn't fun to admit, but I know you are feeling this too! I hear it ALL day at the Boutique! Let's not complain about it, lets do something about it!

    1. DRINK A LOT OF WATER, I try to drink at least 2L's EVERY DAY!

    2. 100 Crunches, 30 push-ups, and a 20min. walk EVERY DAY!

    3. Eat 6 SMALL meals, EVERY DAY!


    4. Be positive, smile and never be TOO hard on yourself!

    I've done this for a week straight and have already lost 2lbs! I know I'll be ready for my summer wardrobe!

    If you want to a take a more serious approach check out MARV!

    Once I find some free time, I will be trying out his "Women's Hybrid Work Out"

    I've heard amazing things from client's of mine who have tried it out! Here's what it's all about...

    "It’s an innovative system that fuses functional resistance training, anaerobic conditioning, and athletic movement to create the most effective workout you will ever experience! The Hybrid Workout will help you sculpt a body that is as STRONG as it is BEAUTIFUL - the way nature intended it to be. By transforming exercise into play - we guarantee that you’ll have more fun than you’ve ever imagined, while working harder than you ever have before!"

    Let Marv know that you heard about him, from Lift... He might give you a little deal! xo

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