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Another DIY up do, for post workout YUCKY hair!

     Today I'm going to show you another easy Up Do, for yuck 2 day old, post workout hair. This one it a little bit more casual, but still super pretty! Again, no hot tools needed, just 2 elastics, some bobby pins, Dust Its and Freeze!

    Back Comb, the same as last time... 
                                                                               Place a deep side part in your hair, and smooth the back combing with a cushion brush. Leave some of the back coming so that you hair doesn't look SLICK. Again, I left some texture for a more organic feel. Using your first elastic, pull the hair to one side and secure it into a low, side pony tail!

    With a 2nd elastic I turned the pony into a 'messy bun.' I did this by wrapping the elastic around the original pony once, then a second time without pulling the hair all the way through and then a third time to add even more 'mess!' *This is hard to explain, but if you are a girl and you have long enough hair to make a messy bun, YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THIS! It comes naturally! - Don't complicate things, just do a messy bun! 
    Then manipulate the sections of hair, with you hands but pulling them and pinning them to your scalp. You can't make a mistake, keeps pinning pieces until you like the way it looks! So easy!!! Again, practice make's perfect!
    What do you think??? 
    Try it yourself and let me know how it goes!

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